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Perryville, Mo 63775
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Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

We will be closed for the Thankgiving holiday Thursday - Sunday this week. If you need assistance during this time you can call 573-547-7483 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also email support@ccilink.net for assistance.

New Wireless Packages

Great news! We have adjusted each of the wireless packages as follows:

New Increased monthly usage allowances for plans:

Basic 15GB becomes 25GB/mo

Std 50GB becomes 75GB/mo

Adv 100GB becomes 150GB/mo

Pro 250GB becomes 400GB/mo

Unmetered Plan - Limited Availability (Call for details)

Speeds are increased to 8Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Stated rates are up to and are not guaranteed.

Pricing for the various packages stays the same. You will be automatically upgraded on your next billing cycle, which for many of you will be Oct 1st. The new allowances will count against your September usage and going forward.

The overage for all accounts will remain a flat 50 cents / GB if you go over your plan.

Free time occurs from Midnight to 5am. You won't be charged for any usage during this time, so try to schedule your software updates and backups during this period. With these changes you may want to evaluate your package and adjust accordingly.

COVID-19 Info

We want to remind everyone that we can accept online payments via debit or credit card through the Wireless portal or payments via mail. You may also use our dropbox that is just outside our front door to the right. If you need to come in to make a payment, we are limiting the number of customers in our store to 4 at a time. We may ask you to wait outside until space is available. Stay safe everyone.

Mail Server Port Change

We are now blocking port 25 connections to our outgoing mail server. Please use port 587 to send mail. If you need assistance in making this change please call.

Mail Server Account Settings

Incoming Server: mail.ccilink.net

Port for POP: 110 (TLS or unencrypted) or 995 (SSL)

Port for IMAP: 143 (TLS or unencrypted) or 993 (SSL)

Outgoing Server: mail2.ccilink.net

Port: 587 (TLS or unencrypted) or 465 (SSL)

Welcome InetPlusInc customers.

On March 15th 2013 CCiLink purchased the InetPlusInc network. All customers will now be served by CCiLink and can Call 547-7483 for support or billing questions. All payments should now be made to CCiLink and sent to 300 S. Kinghighway Perryville, MO 63775. With the transition to a local company we hope to provide a faster response time for Inet customers than was previously possible.

High Speed Wireless Billing Changes

On April 1st all overages will be billed per GB. In the past they were billed per 100 MB which was confusing to some. The rates will stay the same so there is no rate increase. For example the old rate was 15 cents/100 MB, the new rate will be $1.50/GB

Updated Billing Software

We have upgraded our billing software and rolled out an all new customer portal. The first time you log in it may ask for an updated email address. Please fill it in to continue.

You can now quickly see how much transfer you have left in your billing period by looking at the "usage bar" on the data usage tab. There is also a nice bar graph that shows usage by day for the entire month. If you have a question or problem you can use the new ticket system in the portal. Everything in the portal is easier to use and navigate to. Check it out by clicking on the wireless billing link to the left. If you need your username/password call us or email us.

New Basic Wireless Plan $29.95/mo

Customers who use our high speed wireless internet but only check email and do light surfing may want to switch to our new $29.95/mo basic plan. You get the same speed but only 5GB of transfer per month. If you go over you will be throttled to a slow speed until the end of your billing cycle. This is comparable to a cellular modem data plan but about half the cost.

Welcome Powrup Internet Customers

On May 1st 2011 CCiLink acquired Powrup.net Powrup customers now can make payments at our location. In the coming months we hope to integrate the two services with an enhanced billing package the will benefit all customers.

Email attachment size limits

We have had problems recently with customers attempting to send very large emails so we have implimented a size restriction of 20 MB for all outgoing emails. This size is the total of all attachments in the email plus the header information. To be safe your attachments should be under 18 MB before you send the email. Most internet providers will not accept an email over 10 MB in size so try to limit your email to under 10 MB if possible. Any message that is attempted to be sent over the 20 MB limit will be returned back to you.

Tech Support Contact Info

Just a remider we can be reached at support@ccilink.net or by phone 573-547-7483. We have an automated phone system so you can check on network outages if you are having problems. For after hours support please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For non urgent problems please use the support email for fastest response.

CCiLink.net is now available nationwide!

Our customers now have access to our service just about anywhere they may travel across the country. We still have the same dial up number locally but if you are out of the area you can use the access number locator to the left to find a local number near you. Be sure and use @ccilink.net after your username when you log in.

We also have a new accelerator service that allows web pages to load up to 6X faster. Click on the Dial Up Acceleration link to the left to find out more.

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