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Fixed Wireless Broadband

How does it work?  We have towers throughout the area that communicate with a receiver placed outside of your home or business.  From there a wire is ran from the reciever to inside your location and then connected to your router.  Your router then connects with devices in your home to provide wired/wireless internet.  
We provide the outside receiver at no cost as long as your service is active.  The wireless router can be purchased from us or you can provide your own and we will program it for free.  We also offer a managed router option for $5/mo. that allows us to troubleshoot problems with devices inside your location.  Installation cost for the internet service is a one time $200.

All residental plans are between 8 and 25MB download/2 to 5MB upload speed.  Most of our packages are billed by the amount of information transfered in a month, similar to your electric service.  Only pay for what you typically use.  Higher packages get discounted rates per GB.  All packages are unlimited usage but will slow down after you reach your allotment for the month.  You may also choose to continue full speed and pay 50 cents/GB overage if you exceed your package for the month.  Usage is not billed from Midnight - 5am so you can schedule large downloads such as Windows updates during this time.  Many locations are now eligible for Unlimited data.  Call to find out more.

These are our most popular wireless internet packages. Some locations have an unlimited package for $99.95/mo.


$ 29.95 per month
  • Great for checking email and web browsing.
  • 50 GB / Month


$ 39.95 per month
  • Good for everyday web browsing and some YouTube videos.
  • 150 GB / Month


$ 49.95 per month
  • Better for general web usage and some light Netflix/Hulu streaming.
  • 300 GB / Month


$ 69.95 per month
  • Best for streaming video on a regular basis and web usage.
  • 800 GB / Month

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